Square Bit Screws

                                                Sold per 100 screws

                                                     4mm x 40mm  

4mm x 50mm 

4mm x 60mm 

4mmx 70mm  

50mm Square Drill Bit 

Industrial Galvanized Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods

10mm x 1.0m

12mm x 1.0m


Nuts & Washers

Sold in Packets of 10x

Nut 10mm

Nut 12mm

Washer 10mm

Washer 12mm

Round Wire Nail

Wire Nails

Sold per KG

75mm Galv Steel Nail

100mm Galv Steel Nail

150mm Galv Steel Nail

200mm Galv Steel Nail

Ring Shank Nail

Ring Shank Nails

Sold per KG

50mm Galv Ring Shank

63mm Galv Ring Shank

75mm Galv Ring Shank


Gumbou 4 Bracket


Gumbou 4 Bracket

Large (L-Shaped) Gumbou Bracket

Gumbou 5 Bracket


Gumbou 5 Bracket

Small (L-Shaped) Gumbou Bracket

P&R B (2)


Post & Rail Bracket

Use as an alternative for post and rail fencing on normal Gum Poles

Wall Mount (2)


Pole to Wall Mount

Mount Poles from 75mm to 100mm