Square Bit Screws

                                                Sold per 100 screws

                                              4mm x 40mm – R37.66

4mm x 50mm – R41.14 

4mm x 60mm – R50.19 

4mmx 70mm – R59.51  

Square Drive Bit (each) – R10.00 

                                      3mm HSS Drill Bit (each) – R15.00

Industrial Galvanized Threaded Rods

Threaded Rods

                                                8mm x 1.0m – R19.72

10mm x 1.0m – R34.59

12mm x 1.0m – R42.69


Nuts & Washers

Sold in Packets of 10x

Nut 8mm – R6.35

Nut 10mm – R9.00

Nut 12mm – R14.50

Washer 8mm – R8.05

Washer 10mm – R7.00

Washer 12mm – R9.00

Spade Bits

Spade Drill Bits

10mm x 400mm – R82.00

(TI) 10mm x 300mm – R113.76

(TI) 12mm x 300mm – R113.76


Wire Nails

Wire Nails

Sold per KG

75mm Galv Steel Nail – R39.78

100mm Galv Steel Nail – R39.78

                                       125mm Galv Steel Nail – R39.78

150mm Galv Steel Nail – R39.78

200mm Galv Steel Nail – R45.76

pp thatching twine spool-u46827

PP Thatching Twine

Sold per KG

1 KG Spool – R71.25

Popular uses: Thatching

Polypropylene Thatching Twines are widely used as tying twine in the Thatching industry.

This twine offers more meters per kilogram than the natural fibre alternative, Tarred Twine, which is also used for thatching


tarred twine spools LT

Tarred Twine

Sold in 2KG Rolls

2 KG Spool – R179.10

Popular uses: Thatching

100% natural fibre
Tar coated
Twisted twine




Paintbrush 63mm R26.59

Paintbrush 100mm R41.40


Gumbou 4 Bracket


90° Pole to Pole

Large (L-Shaped) Bracket


Gumbou 5 Bracket


90° Pole to Pole

Small (L-Shaped) Bracket


P&R B (2)


Post & Rail Bracket

Use as an alternative for post and rail fencing on normal Gum Poles


Wall Mount (2)


Pole to Wall Mount

75mm to 100mm (small)  – R50.91

                                     100mm to 125mm (large) – R87.06

Wb125 (2)


Pole to Wall Mount

Mount Poles from 100mm to 125mm