Lynnridge Timbers: Terms and Conditions.
Deliveries fees are calculated on distance and weight. Please confirm that the delivery vehicle can
enter the premises prior to the delivery. Please ensure that dogs and locked up prior to the vehicle
entering the premises. Please keep children out of harm’s way. An appointed individual should be at
the premises to check and sign for the received goods. Please notify us before hand if the delivery
team requires identification to enter the premise or complex. Please send any gate codes required
prior to the delivery. The house / plot must be visibly numbered.
All loads will be offloaded next to the delivery vehicle and not carried around on site.
All material must be paid in full before delivery. Please check all material on site and note
discrepancies of any kind on the delivery note. No discrepancies after the fact will be considered.
Payment Terms
All orders to be paid in full and cleared before delivery or collection.
Exchanges / Refunds
Material that has been drilled, cut, painted or altered in any manner will not be exchanged. All
exchanges or returns will be subject to a 10% Handling fee. No material will be exchanged, returned
or refunded without proof of purchase.
Wet of Saw products will not be exchanged / returned or refunded. No exchanges / returns will be
accepted after 7 days from date of purchase.
Selection of Material
The Employees of Lynnridge Timbers are not allowed to Pre – select material featuring a specific
characteristic for example: “as straight as possible” or “as green as the other” on behalf of any
customer. If required a person must pre-select in person prior to collection or delivery.
Pre selection is subject to the following: No opening of grouped product for example:
Thatching Laths, Droppers, bundled planks etc. Pre-selected material will only be reserved once
payments been received in full.
Cutting of Timber
We can only crosscut timber and not rip. No timber will be cut before payment has been received.
Please note that cutting of material will be done as soon as possible, according to the current
workload and available labour.
No cutting done on Saturdays.
Loading of Vehicles, Trucks or trailers
Our personnel are available to load your vehicle on the premises. If you prefer, our personnel can
also assist in tying the material purchased to your vehicle / mode of transport. Although every
precaution possible is taken to ensure the safety of the load being tied, the vehicle remains the sole
responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. Once material is loaded on a vehicle / mode of transport the
material is the sole responsibility of the driver. It is the responsibility of every driver to ensure that
his/her load is tied down and fastened according to his/her taste. Every driver of the vehicle must
ensure that he / she has the proper equipment to secure their load to their vehicle / mode of
transport. Lynnridge Timbers will not refund or exchange any material that was damaged after the
vehicle has left the premises. Lynnridge Timbers and their staff will not be held liable or responsible
for any damages to vehicles. It is the responsibility of the individual collecting/purchasing the material
to ensure that he/she receives all material as specified on the invoice. Although we will take every
precaution to ensure that a customer receives their purchased items, we will not be allowed to
consider discrepancies after a vehicle has left the premises. The same applies to vehicles, trucks or
trailer’s that has been abandoned/left during the loading process. Please ensure that enough time is
allowed for loading your vehicle in accordance to our trading hours.