38 x 228mm SA Pine CCA Treated

Grade S5

38 x 228mm SA Pine CCA Treated

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3.6m – R312.32

4.8m – R416.43

6.0m – R520.53

6.3m – R546.56

Structural Pine is manufactured predominantly from kiln dried radiata pine which is strong and dimensionally stable.

Low moisture content stabilises radiata pine, minimising distortion and dimensional changes.

Drying improves strength, stiffness and nail holding. It is accurately dimensioned and is a light, easy to handle timber.

38mm x 228mm SA Pine planks are often used for scaffolding planks or decking sub structures. Scaffolding planks are long wood boards that are laid across the sections of scaffolding to provide workers with a place to stand and to work from. Unlike a purpose-built scaffold work plank, the scaffolding planks do not hook over the scaffolding framework. Initially, the scaffolding planks are carried up the scaffolding sections by workers and are placed upon the sections of scaffolding to provide a place for workers to stand while assembling the scaffolding tower. Often, the planks are simply raised section by section while erecting the scaffolding instead of placing planks on every section of the scaffolding tower.
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