Garden Edging Rolls    


All rolls are 2.0m long. 


Garden Edging Rolls

All Rolls CCA Treated

Height – Diameter – 2.0m Length

200mm 32/50  –  R83.93

300mm 32/50  –  R111.42

400mm 32/50  –  R144.41

Why Lawn-Garden Edging

Lawn/Garden edging does more that just provide aesthetic benefits. Even though a nicely edged lawn provides a tidy, clean look to your landscape, there are other compelling reasons to install permanent edging around your lawn.

You may have an electric lawn edger that you use every time you use your lawn mower. You may also agree that using it can be a tedious chore. Installing something more permanent will save you both time and labor.

Additionally, using Garden edging will help keep the mulch in your garden beds and off of your lawn.  Garden edging can also provide a root barrier to keep grass and weeds from invading your garden beds. This is another welcome labor saver to most gardeners.

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Garden Edging Layout Chanelle - Lynnridge Timbers
Garden Edging Rolls Wood
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Garden Edging Layout Chanelle 2 - Lynnridge Timbers